Who we are

   We design beautiful furniture for the real world.  Gathered in the San Francisco Bay Area from different backgrounds, cultures, languages and skill sets, we have but one goal: to make furniture where beauty is felt in every detail.



Ehsan Arefi
Ben Cole
Luthier-Master woodworker
Veronika Novotná

What we do

Believe – Build – Delight    


     We believe when you build furniture to last generations - you make history.

     We build pieces that invite people to gather around. When you gather, we give you something to talk about.

     We delight in sleek modern lines and a rugged Western sensuality that reclines under the touch and playfully pushes back. Because beauty invites more than a lingering glance, it invites touch.


Where we're located

     We're located amidst the natural exquisiteness of the San Francisco Bay Area.  eSSa Studios is committed to sustaining the beauty of our natural landscape with eco-friendly materials and practices.  We build so that future generations will inherit not only lasting furniture but a lasting environment.

eSSa Studios, in every detail.          Novato, California 94949